BoomChat FAQs

How can I install BoomChat?

You can search us in Google Play Store and press "install button". After installation, you need to open the App by clicking "open button" and follow the instruction. During the process you should key in your phone number with the country code started by + and then the activation code will be either sent you to your telegram App or as an SMS. After you key in the code, you need to allow a few permission and your account will be ready to use.

How can I add new friend?

You can add friends just by adding them to your mobile contact list. Boom Chat will automatically detect if they have Boom Chat or Telegram account.

How can I use voice to text feature?

In each conversation, there is a microphone icon at the left side of the input box, you can click on it and then start to speak.

How many categories can I have in my BoomChat?

There are nine TABs on top of your first page that categorise different conversations.

How can I change my proxy?

If you found any problem in proxy like low-speed downloads, you can change your proxy by clicking on shield icon on the top right of your display and then selecting a different proxy from the displayed list (Proxy List). It is also possible to update your proxy list by clicking the refresh icon on the top right of your mobile screen.

How may I change my theme for some specific chats only?

There are multiple themes that you can select from. By clicking BoomChat menu and then selecting your desirable Theme.

For more detailed list of FAQ, you can visit Telegram FAQs